12 Mar

Limp Bizkit celebrating Jordan Schur’s birthday on stage in South Korea on 2009

Our friend Jun Da Man brouth this video to our attention today. This is a pretty cool moment of Limp Bizkit live in South Korea back in 2009. Jordan Schur, who is a long time friend of the band and also a veteran of the music and entertainment industry, was brought on stage by Fred to celebrate his birthday. His wife and son were also on board and the kid ended up rocking on stage during the performance of “Rollin'”. Watch the video on the player above.

Watch the band performing “Break Stuff” at that night.

28 Feb

Bootleg: Limp Bizkit in Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2013 MULTICAM

One more concert added to our Bootleg collection:

Yekaterinburg, Russia
KRK Uralec Ice Arena


01. Full Nelson
02. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
03. Hot Dog
04. Bring It Back
05. Gold Cobra
06. My Generation
07. Livin’ It Up
08. It’ll Be OK
09. Pollution
10. Boiler
11. My Way
12. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
14. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
15. Nookie
16. Take A Look Around
17. Break Stuff

Setlist info: http://bizkitlive.com/shows/20131120.php