26 Nov

Old MTV Interviews

There’s really nothing much to say. Juts some old Bizkit interviews when they were on MTV and other music channels almost 24/7. If you have some old VHS tapes or DVD recordings with LB on it feel free to contact...
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22 Nov

Interview: Wes Borland audio interview from 2006

Today, we came across an audio interview that we haven’t heard before with Wes. This interview was done in the Spring of 2006 while Wes was on tour playing bass for “From First To Last”. The interview also includes former FFTL lead singer, Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex.

Wes starts talking about LB about 20 minutes in. He mentions the struggles he with the band back in the day, and also talks a little bit about RMV and Mike Smith. Wes did not hold anything back in the interview.

Hearing an interview from this era is pretty crazy. Around that time, we all had no idea if the guys would ever get back to making music together. We here at TAP are glad that over the years the guys have buried the hatchet to continue to make music.

Check out the interview in the video above.


24 Oct

Limp Bizkit: In With The Old

Originally posted on ripitup.com.au Most fans prefer Limp Bizkit’s older material and won’t even give their new record a second listen, but Fred Durst couldn’t care less. The vocalist talks with Rip It Up about overcoming tragedy and freeing themselves of expectation to finally produce music...
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