18 Jan

SONGFACTS interview with Wes Borland

Originally posted on Songfacts.com on November 18, 2013. Greg Prato (Songfacts): When it comes to songwriting, is it usually you by yourself, or do you find that you write your best songs as a collaboration? Wes Borland: I think that...
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27 Nov

News: New Music Video in December

The band has announced during one of their press conferences in Russia, that  the ‘short film’ that they recorded recently wasn’t actually a short film, but a backdrop for an upcoming music video.

Fred: It’s shot like a film, but it’s the backdrop for a music video.

Wes: It’s for a new song, from the new record.


When asked when the fans will get to see the video, Fred said that he was currently editing now and it will be finished once they ge back from Tour. Wes also said that the video will be put up around Christmas.

Fred: I’m editing right now, I’m very close to being finished, but there is a process. We have to get back home and make it the quality to put online.

Wes: A couple of weeks. It will probably be a Christmas present.

If you want to view the rest of the press conference, check out the video at this location.

26 Nov

Fred Durst on Howard Stern 2002/2003

Here are some pretty funny moments of Fred Durst on Howard Stern. First one is from 2002 and it was already uploaded to Youtube by user Athomewithbeetlejuic, the other one is from  late 2003 and i’ve uploaded it today. I think...
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