20 Apr

Fred Durst directing commercial

Our member Rodrigo A. Campos brought this to our attention today. Apparently Fred Durst was set to direct a commercial produced by the Zoo FX, which also worked with Limp Bizkit on their last two videos. “I showed up to to...
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7 Jan

Gossip: Fred Durst on TMZ

At least the interviewer knows he’s got silly questions to do.

Fred Durst — the once angry guy who created “Limp Bizkit” — is actually a sucker for sentimentality ’cause he just can’t part with his famous red baseball cap … even though it reeks like a blood fart.* – TMZ

7 Nov

Limp Bizkit & Kid Noize

Our friend Guillaume Kayacan, a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium, got backstage passes during Bizkit’s act in Antwerpen and took some awesome shots. He brought his friend Kid Noize with him and introduced the electronic act to Fred and Wes. Photos...
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