29 Jul

New Fall U.S. Tour announced

That’s right. The band is coming back to the States this fall. They will be hitting up the West Coast and surrounding areas in September, followed by a East Coast run in October. But the band is not coming alone....
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10 Jun

New Details on Endless Slaughter

As you all know, Limp Bizkit is getting ready to release “Endless Slaughter”, the first “experience” off of the new album, Stampede Of The Disco Elephants. The band stated that the single will only be released on cassette, and they...
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11 Dec

Limp Bizkit “Lightz” released

VEVO has just released the video for Lightz, the video we all knew was coming sooner or later, since it’s unfortunate leak by us a year ago.

We’re actually sorry for spoiling the surprise, dear Limp Bizkit, I hope you don’t hold a grudge.

At the moment no further details, press-releases or comments from the band are available, neither on Twitter, nor on the official site.

And as always – for everything Limp Bizkit, stay tuned to TheArmpit.net.