11 Mar

Fred’s Twitter Q&A

Here are some of Fred’s answers from the Twitter Q&A he did earlier on behalf of the Reading & Leeds Festival.

when’s Stampede of the Disco Elephants coming out man?
SOTDE is in the final vocal stages and editing. It’s a damn monster.

new single soon?
new single soon. Yes.

Is Poop still something you might put out?
it may drop eventually

what is your favorite LB guitar riff?
hot dog. the truth. counterfeit.

which singer would you most want to punch and why?
myself. I punch me a lot. Sort of Fight Club thing going on here.

a while ago you posted a part of Don’t Remember/No Control. Is it on the new albumĀ or can you release a studio version?
it has always been called You Know.

Why not playing more Results May Vary songs like ‘Head For The Barricade’ ‘Phenomenon’ ‘Gimme The Mic’…
good question

what are you expecting from Russian tour this autumn?
Russian tour will be epic. We expect you to be there.

any more covers planned?
we okay covers because we are fans too

what’s your favorite punk rock band?
7 seconds. Agnostic Front. Guerrilla Biscuits. Angry Samoans. Screeching Weasel.

where or how do you get your inspiration for writing lyrics?
my complex and tortured mind and experiences.

but seriously Fred what was [Lightz]???
fucking awesome song. Good memories. Epic adventures. What’s your excuse?

anything special planned for your set?
we plan everything on the day in the moment. Nothing is rehearsed.

really looking forward to Leeds fest now. What are you gonna open with?
i was thinking to open with some cowbell then go into something funky

It needs to be your last few albums have been Shit!
i feel you Jake, sort of like your profile pic.

you still wearing that red hat?
I only wear red condoms now, backwards

can you headline on the main stage on Friday instead :D
they would never let Bizkit headline!!

where did you get that white fluffy bucket hat you had on in 2010?
I believe I stole it from some store in Atlanta


what you think of the lineup?
line up looking interesting so far

what do you prefer. Chips or mash?
mash please

can I have backstage passes please fred?
sorry Bill, they won’t give any away unless you have a vagina

I’m not a fan but if you reply to this then my friend jack will be jealous and i will like you more
who cares

how do you feel about a shit band like knife party closing your set?
come on! It’s just about having fun in the name of music0

hey fred. If paint my whole body can I join your band?
no, but you could surprise your mum

what’s your favourite flavour ice cream
banana peanut butter chocolate

any chance of a lil wayne feature on Ready To Go?
i doubt it. But that would be tight!!

when stampede ofthe disco elephants will be released? OR will you do a south american tour this year?
we are discussing the possibilities

Do you put the ketchup in the fridge or the cupboard?
ketchup is in the fridge

Who’s your favourite WWE wrestler?
undertaker and macho man

any tips for Cheltenham tomorrow mate?
stay sexy

are you friends with the cop in the eat you alive video? I’ve seen him in marvel agents of shield lmao
yes. Bill Paxton. But he’s her father, not a cop in the video


As you could have expected from Twitter, a lot of the questions were silly, but Fred seems to have a sense of humor. You can read more tweets here.

Thanks: Jimm120