15 Jan

Limp Bizkit to Tour 20 Russian Cities in October

As promised, the boys are set to tour Russia this October. Thanks to Bizkitlive, we’ve gathered some details about the Money Sucks tour that can be read below.

It’s worth noting that they’re saying the album is scheduled for release this spring.

The largest tour in Russia of any group the first echelon in the history of show business. 20 cities, private charter flight, truck with monogotonnym equipment-all this awaits our country this fall. “

F**k the crisis, we’re coming to Russia! ”

The tour schedule of musicians told two dozen cities. The tour will be a truly national–geography of performances extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea!

Russian tour timed to coincide with the joyous event for all fans of LIMP BIZKIT is the exit of the new album. Album release is scheduled for the spring of the year 2015. Moreover, the Panel notes in this year’s 20 years since the Foundation of the LIMP BIZKIT! Are these two developments suggest that the tour will not only scale-out, and legendary.

Of course, in addition to new songs, the set list will include all LIMP BIZKIT favorite hits. The show promises to be a grand-group luck with a aircraft equipment and technology.

The upcoming round of LIMP BIZKIT can safely give status of “crisis”, it is called — Money Sucks Tour. Despite the difficult economic situation in Russia, tickets for concerts the group will be more than affordable. It is important to note that the tour organizers urged fans not to wait with the decision: the closer the date of the concert, the higher the cost. By purchasing a ticket in advance, you can get it at the lowest possible price.

Tickets go on sale February 1

2015: Russian tour schedule

25.10.15 Khabarovsk, Platinum arena
27.10.15 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, arena city
29.10.15 Vladivostok, Fetisov Arena
31.10.15 Moscow, Stadium Live
02.11.15 Voronezh, Event Hall
04.11.15 Krasnodar, Olympus DS
05.11.15 Rostov-na-Donu, KSK Express
07.11.15 Saratov, DS Crystal
09.11.15 Samara, DC CSKA AIR FORCE
10.11.15 Ufa, Sports Palace
12.11.15 Tumen, Tumen DC
14.11.15 Irkutsk, DC Work
16.11.15 Krasnoyarsk, DC Yarygina
18.11.15 Novosibirsk, expocentre
20.11.15 Ekaterinburg, KSK Uralets
21.11.15 Perm, DC Sukharev
23.11.15 Kazan Sports Palace
25.11.15 Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Fair
27.11.15-St. Petersburg, Club A2
29.11.15 Almaty, DC Buluan Sholak