11 Jun

Limp Bizkit to record video for “Endless Slaughter”

During their performance at Patronaat in Haarlem, Netherlands, the band took their official photographer/videomaker, Paris Visone, on stage to film footage for the upcoming video for “Endless Slaughter”. The band jammed while the song was being played in the background.

Garo, the owner of, got to be there and see it all.

- The song… wow. I won’t go into details but the song is sick!

Fred promissed an old school setlist for that night and it was a classic one. Another fan, Michael Feith, was in the pit and described his experience:

- This was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Entire crowd was a moshpit.

You might find it weird that not a single video of the moment where “Endless Slaughter” was “played” is online. Nikita vd H.,another fan who was at the show, claimed the crowd was hectic and commited to be a part of the video.

- It got way to hectic when they played their new song, because everyone wanted to be in the videoclip!

So let’s be patient, it’s exciting times for all the hardcore fans but we’re very very close to finally hear the new song. Our forum member Rob Kersten talked to Arjan, the one who work with the band’s merch while on tour, and said the cassette with “Endless Slaughter” will be released in a few days.

- The cassette will be sold next week. Asked Arjan the tshirt guy about it.

So that’s it. Make sure to check from time to time for everything you wanna know about the tour.