10 Jun

New Details on Endless Slaughter

As you all know, Limp Bizkit is getting ready to release “Endless Slaughter”, the first “experience” off of the new album, Stampede Of The Disco Elephants. The band stated that the single will only be released on cassette, and they will only sell it on the European tour. The cassette is limited to 1,000 copies, so if you want one, you are gonna have to get it quick.


Today, we got some new news from the man himself, Fred Durst. Marcelo recently had a chat with Fred about Endless Slaughter, and here’s some new info:

  1. The cassette’s have not been printed as of today (10/06/14), So you will still need to wait a bit before they are available.
  2. Endless Slaughter is describe by Fred as a “4 Part Experience”.

    Fred: It is a four part experience that can be digested in one listening, some may call it a song. We named it ENDLESS SLAUGHTER.

  3. We asked him if by “4 Part Experience” he meant if this cassette would have 4 songs on it. He explained what he meant.

    Fred: That’s not what i am saying. What is a song anyway? Why need a song when you can just get to the meat of the idea? Songs are too long.

That’s all for now. Hopefully int he coming days we will get some more info on “Endless Slaughter”. Be on the lookout for it if you are seeing them in the coming days!