27 Mar

Band of the month: UNDER THE BED

We present you Armpit’s band of the month, Under The Bed!


Feel free to email us information about your band or project. We’re glad to spread the word about the creative side of our visitors, being it musical related or not.

Back on the subject, we hope you enjoy “Under The Bed”. Here’s a message from Armando Marchetti (clean vocals, guitar, programming) to you:

“Hi guys! I have a band with my friends. We’re called UNDER THE BED. We grew up listening to nu metal, and Wes is one of my heroes. Some of the guitar parts I play have definitely a Wes vibe, and my clean vocals are mainly post-grunge-ish. Drums are funky, there’re some electronic parts, the bass is kinda-Mudvayne, there are screams and shrieks… It’s heavy and catchy. Maybe you’ll dig it! We don’t have a proper genre, but we’re surely crossover, progressive, -core derived and experimental. We’re hybrid. We would really appreciate if you could support us in your page… is it possible? You can listen to our full debut independent album HERE to figure us out: http://underthebed.bandcamp.com/ so you can share it… I really hope you guys like it. This is our FB page, by the way. http://www.facebook.com/UTB.UnderTheBed Thank you in advance!

You can listen to their music below: