12 Dec

Official statement about “Lightz”

Fred posted this at the official site today:

This is for the very few that are clearly lost in their lack of self awareness and evolution. This track Lightz is the outcome of a very unique experience we had with Cash Money producer Detail. We really enjoyed our time together and are proud of the collaboration. As a rock band we find ways to get off the beat and path so we can enjoy the perspective from other points of view. It’s refreshing to step away from the norm every once in a while. It’s helps us remember who we are. As for your sluggish and negative comments, they’re just another reminder of why we do whatever WE want to do. We don’t encourage such negativity and surely don’t want to embrace it either. You continue doing what YOU do and we’ll continue doing what WE do. We’re proud of you for being you, regardless. Some people are so miserable with themselves that they need to bully others to feel anything remotely rewarding at all. As a victim of that behavior for the majority of my life, I feel for you and sincerely hope you find happiness without it being at the expense of abusing others. We will continue to provide plenty of polarizing material for your own personal therapy. We love you. All of you. And we are very grateful for what you’ve done for us. Enjoy the ride. It’s one hell of a roller coaster.