12 Dec

Fan: Wes/Bizkit inspired guitar instrumental by Dawid Ziołkowski

Our visitor Dawid Ziołkowski from Poland shared with us what i can name as a “Wes inspired” instrumental track played by himself. Personally i really liked it. It does sounds “wes-ish”.

You can read his message and listen to the track by clicking on the player below.

Hello Armpit!  My name is Dawid Ziołkowski and I’m from Poland.
I grew up listening to the Bizkits and I always check the news on your site! You are doing so much for the band!
I play the guitar and from time to time make some tracks. Yesterday I’ve recorded a Borland style soft guitar riff with delay then added some drum beats and circuit bending thing.
Chceck it out. It’s my December-ish present for the LB fans. It’s free to download.
Spread the word. Hope you like it! Keep up the good work!
Peace. LBF

You can also download the track at his Bandcamp page: https://dwdzlkwsk.bandcamp.com