A photo from Fred's vk.com account.
4 Dec

The tour is over

Eastern Europe is still coming to senses after Limp Bizkit has graced it with their presence. And it’s easily understandable – many of the cities have seen LB for the first time. Well, surely enough LB have seen some stuff for the first time too and it made an impression, judging by the recent Goat video developments.

Fred Durst considering an investment in Russian market.

Somewhere on the road something peculiar happened – LB members decided to create official VK.com profiles. VK.com is a popular social network, which is even more popular than Facebook in countries of former USSR. Fred DurstWes BorlandSam Rivers and their DJ Franko Carino are all there, but wait there’s more – even DJ Lethal has registered his account there.

Here are some fan photos to make your inner Good Guy Greg happy for the folk.

I guess that explains the absence of John Otto on VK.com

And no, this is not the artist’s imagination, it happened IRL

See? I’m not lying

A Mexican lunch in Chelyabinsk, Russia? Sounds legit.

Looking a bit jammed after a garage jam session with fans.

And that’s all folks(tm), stay tuned for all things Limp Bizkit to theArmpit.net.