27 Nov

Setlist and videos of Limp Bizkit live in Voronezh, Russia, 26.11.13

Voronezh, Russia, Complex

1. Full Nelson (video)
2. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) (video)
3. Hot Dog (com trechos do Creeping Death do Metallica)
4. Bring It Back (video)
5. Gold Cobra (video)
6. My Generation (video)
7. Livin’ It Up (video)
8. Eat You Alive (video)
9. The One (Primeira vez ao vivo desde 2010) (video)
10. Nookie
11. My Way (seguido de vários covers) (video)
12. Re-Arranged
13. Heart-Shaped Box (video)
14. Smells Like Teen Spirit (video)
15. Behind Blue Eyes (video)
16. Take a Look Around (video)
17. Break Stuff


Photo by: Alexander Gorbunov