19 Nov

News: Fred shoots short film starring Wes in Russia

Update* Click here for more information on the shortfilm.

Fred, during the current tour of Russia, apparently shot a short film. We dont know much about the project, or what its going to be used for, but it apparently involves Wes and a goat.

Here’s the translated article, which was translated to the best of our ability. You can also check out some photo’s from the shoot below.

“The stars of Limp Bizkit, an American nu-metal band, shot a short film in the village of Krivodanovka¬†during their stop in Novosibirsk for their russian tour.

Vocalist Fred Durst has directed the video, guitarist Wes Borland is the main character. In the future, the short video (around 5 minutes)¬†¬†Borland goes by “six” and walks around in a tracksuit in the company of a goat. The shooting team had participations of Novosibirsk’s producers of “The Picture of the World.”

Alexei Pakhomov, promoter of Limp Bizkit’s concert in Novosibirsk said the idea came from Fred, to make this video in a typical Russian landscapes, “perhaps because he has some sort of admiration for Russia, and his wife is Russian.” Krivodanovka was chosen as a filming location because of its proximity to the Expocentre, where the band performed on Sunday, November 17, gathering 5.6 million viewers.

Mr. Pakhomov said that Fred Durst is going to mount the video after returning from the Russian tour, and put it in to share.”