15 Nov

Limp Bizkit’s live comeback analyzed

With eleven shows to go in 2013, we take a look at the numbers of Limp Bizkit’s return to music. Using the statistic added by a lot of you guys over at, we take a look at a few interesting statistics of LB’s tours during the 2009-2013 period.

Note: since doesn’t differentiate between covers that appear on albums and covers that only appear live, the covers of ‘Faith’, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ and ‘Thieves’ are grouped under the label ‘Covers‘. So whenever either Three Dollar Bill Y’all, Results May Vary or Stampede of Disco Elephants is mentioned, the numbers relating to this album do NOT include those songs. 

Since 2009, the band has played a total of 173 shows. Over the course of five years, 2637 songs were played. Let’s look at some interesting statistics:

  • This years tour has the longest average setlist (17 songs, compared to 16 (2009,2011) and 14 (2010, 2012)).
  • The percentage of covers played relative to the total amount of songs played was 18,3% this year. The past few years this was a lot lower, ranging between 14,8% (2012) and 16,7% (2009). Note that Faith was only played at 40 of the 55 shows this year, while Behind Blue Eyes was only on the setlist of 29 shows in 2013. These songs hardly missed a show in previous years. In other words: the amount of others songs covered has risen even more.
  • The number of songs covered during live shows this year, comes close to the amount of Significant Other songs played: 165 vs. 198
  • The percentage of Three Dollar Bill Y’all songs played has not been higher since their return than this year: 8,5%. The past years it ranged between 0,8% (2012) and 3,1 (2011).
  • Since the band came back in 2009 they played an average of 6,5 songs from Chocolate Starfish per show, for the other albums it as follows: 3,3 songs from Significant Other per show, 2,6 covers per show, 0,7 Results May Very per show, 0,7 Three Dollar Bill Y’All per show, 0,1 The Unquestionable Truth per show, 1,2 Gold Cobra per show, 0,04 Stampede of Disco Elephants per show.
  • In 2011 15,9% of the total amount of songs played was form Gold Cobra. In 2012 this was 16,4%. In 2013 this is only 8,3%.
  • My Generation and My Way have only missed shows since the bands comeback. They are the most regularly played songs by the band.
  • The most played non-single was, no surprise, Livin’ It Up
  • Since 2009, the band played the following amount of unique songs per album:
    Three Dollar Bill Y’All: 9
    Significant Other: 12
    Chocolate Starfish: 11
    Results May Vary: 2
    The Unquestionable Truth: 2
    Gold Cobra: 7
    Stampede: 1
    Covers: 21 (+13 other played during medleys)
  • Only one album was on steady rotation since 2009: Chocolate Starfish. Every year the amount of CS-songs played, relative to the total amount, was around 45%. However, 2013 saw a significant drop: only 36,7% of the songs played this year was from Chocolate Starfish.
  • All the other albums fluctuated more. Three Dollar Bill hit it’s low point in 2012 (0,8% of the total amount of songs), while 2013 is its peak, as mentioned before (8,5%). Signifcant Other had a good start (26,4% in 2009), but has been down since (lowest: 2011 with 17%). Results May Vary has started to vanish from the setlists, starting with 7% in 2009, but only making up 3,3% of the songs played in 2013. The Unquestionable Truth has always been marginal, only appearing on setlists in three years (2009 (0,4%), 2012 (2,3%) and 2013 (1,7%)). Finally, Gold Cobra started with 5,7% of the songs in 2009 and had it’s peak with 16,4% in 2012 (coming close to the amount of Signifcant Other songs played).

These are just a few numbers, that might not say a lot. But it is safe to conclude: the band loves to play Chocolate Starfish, the diversity of the songs played is fairly high, covers are really on the rise, and Results May Vary is slowly disappearing.

This year will bring us another eleven songs to add to these numbers, starting tonight with the first Russian show of this year.

On a final note: a whole bunch of shows from Limp Bizkit’s first run between 1995 and 2004 are missing from Do you know a setlist from that era? Check if it’s on there and if not: add it!