7 Nov

Limp Bizkit & Kid Noize

Our friend Guillaume Kayacan, a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium, got backstage passes during Bizkit’s act in Antwerpen and took some awesome shots.

He brought his friend Kid Noize with him and introduced the electronic act to Fred and Wes.

Photos can be seen below.

Kid Noize: A troubling monkey mask, a mysterious genesis… With a couple of mixtapes, noteworthy appearances and an EP, Belgium musician Kid Noize keeps his identity a secret: he pays close attention to build a dark and retro atmosphere, that resembles Blade Runner, or a Kubrick film. His energetic groove and dub sounds show a good taste for vintage synths, 80’s tones and collaborations (Samy Morpheus from Minimal Compact, ex-Archive Craig Walker). An interesting cocktail that promises to be explosive on stage!

Guillaume Kayacan:

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