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Limp Bizkit October 31st 2013 @ Metro City Perth

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Perth received a treat Halloween night, with Limp Bizkit rolling into town on the final leg of their first ever headline shows in Australia. Whilst the lack of supports had most pundits puzzled, Limp Bizkit’s very own touring DJ, Skeletor, did his best to rile the crowd in anticipation of the Bizkit’s show.

With no support band it wasn’t a long wait until the Jacksonville nu-metal veterans took the stage to a jam packed Metro City. As the road crew assisted 20-30 handpicked females from the crowd to stand side of stage to check out the show, no one could have forecast what was going to happen next.

Not wanting to miss out on the Halloween shenanigans and wearing full early ‘90s Guns N’ Roses regatta the band sauntered onto stage. Whilst drummer, Otto and bass player Rivers adorned the blonde wigs and tight pants imitating Steven Adler and Duff McKagan, it was Fred Durst and Wes Borland who went all out to impress.

Wearing tight white bicycle pants, sneakers, oversize hockey jersey and an Axl Rose wig from the pre-dreadlock era, Durst was in his element. Borland chose tight black pants, the Slash locks, a naked torso and the iconic cigarette out of the mouth look. The audience had to look twice to check if it was the great axeman himself such was Borland’s incredible likeness and mannerisms, even down to the swigs of Jack Daniels between songs.

Yes, the Bizkit had come to have fun and they kicked off the night with a cover of the Guns N Roses classic, “Welcome To The Jungle”. The crowd lapped it up after the initial shock with the rendition a far better version than what Axl and his band bought to Australia earlier in the year. […]

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Thanks to Brett Goman for the heads up.

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