18 Oct

Site: 12.06.2013 Groningen Bootleg + Message

Since our website is one of the biggest LB websites out there, we would like to reinforce that our humble attitude of being supportive to every single Bizkit fansite around is what made us what we are: a respectful community for Limp Bizkit fans. We will help, improve, share and co-operate with anyone that is starting something Bizkit-related to the fans.

Tomorrow I’m probably going to see the band live one more time and that makes me very, very happy. This week has been one of the greatest of my life as a Bizkit fan. Had the opportunity to be in touch with so many of you who follow this website and to see how happy people are for me because I’m going to see ‘em live again. This is great!

The highlight of it all was when I talked to Fred early this week and told him about Kako’s (from TheBoiler) Bizkit cover (DogBizkit) band and that it would mean a lot for Kako to be able to perform with the band on stage. Fred asked me to ask him what song he would like to do and Kako said he wanted to sing Wayne’s lines of “Ready 2 Go”. Fred’s answer was “It’s on!”.

When I read that, I felt glad I was able to tell this to Kako, I knew he would freak out and this was what I wanted. Because I know the feeling and it’s great when you’re able to accomplish your dreams/goals. The whole thing came out of nowhere. It was awesome to see it happening and felt like i had something to do with that somehow. He performed with the band he loves, in his country, while the backdrop with the 8-bit-bizkit-logo he created was hanging in the back. How cool is that?

So this is what it’s all about, being helpful and supportive. Making this whole journey less painful for each one of us. Working to make things easy to the ones around us. It comes right back at you.

I’m glad for being a fan of such an everyday normal guy like Fred. Unpredictable like all of us. The dude has my respect for all he’s been doing for his fans since forever. He definitely knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the barricade.

I’m kinda passionate about life right now and i’m waiting for my girlfriend to come back home to hit the road and go to São Paulo. Looking forward to have some great updates tomorrow after it all. If not, life goes on and we will write another chapter later.

So to celebrate all of this, because we care, support, share and spread love all around, I’ll post this video below, taped by Garo from the lovely Who brought to you the entire 12.06.2013 Groningen show for the simple pleasure of sharing his experience with you guys.

Make sure to check his website and like his facebook page as well.

See you all when I’m back from São Paulo.

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