22 Sep

Limp Bizkit to Perform at WORLDS Finals?

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Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the preparations going into the opening ceremony for the Season 3 World Championship on October 4th.

Riot Games’ official Youtube channel has uploaded a video dedicated to the League of Legends World Championship 2013. The mentioned video shows the famous Limp Bizkit guitarist, Wes Borland, rehearsing a guitar part of the League of Legends World Championship Theme.

The song “Hybrid Worlds” has been specifically written for the League of Legends player base and can heard on SoundCloud.

According to the russian site gmbox.ru a live performance will be held on October 4th – the day of the WORLDS Finals. Whether it’s going to be a solo performance by Borland, or a band perfomance with vocalist Fred Durst and the other members of the group, is yet to be announced.

Source: http://www.in2lol.com/en/news/12253-limp-bizkit-to-perform-at-worlds-finals

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