22 Sep

Combichrist’s JOE LETZ talks playing with Wes on LOL’s World Championship Finals

Combichrist’s drummer Joe Letz recently posted on Facebook some information about his work with Wes on the theme song for LOL’s World Championship Finals.

Letz also gave some pretty cool details about the live performance that will be held on October 4th.

Wes and Joe Letz

“alot of you have been messaging me asking what i was doing in Los Angeles last week. i wasn’t allowed to tell anyone until now. i was recording some music with my good friend Wes Borland for a very special performance to take place on October 4th at the Staples center for the League of Legends world championship finals. see you there with a few very special surprises!!!”

“I will be involved in a very special one time live musical performance for the league of legends championship tournament at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on October 4th with @florinshordo and some other very special guests. Tickets are sold out for the event but it will be broadcast worldwide via Internet and in some places television. More info to come.”


Thanks to Sigmund Abouchrouch for bringing this to our attention.

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