19 Sep

Tour: Limp Bizkit in South America

In exactly one month i’ll probably be in São Paulo (Brazil) to see the band live for the third time. I would never thought about that ten years ago but i’m glad South America became a part of their plans since 2011. It was such a shame to wait that long to play here though.

But we demanded and it’s happening. I’m pretty sure Argentina will crush it again and are definitely going to be their favourite crowd down here. I’d love to be there.

The south american tour starts October 14th in Agentina, then Chile (16) and finally Brazil (19).

After some nostalgic search on YouTube for videos of their past tour over here i came across this video of their concert in Panama, which is not even South America, i know, but still i paid attention to it because of the lack of views (292 only) and it has a quick Wes interview at the beggining and a decent footage of “Show Me What You Got” at the end.

The next one is a compilation of footage taken from the concerts in south america two years ago. Bring it Back is the song we choose to edit this one.

Bizkit in South America:

Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teatro Caupolicán Santiago, Chile

Monsters of Rock 2013 São Paulo, Brazil

For more info check our brothers at The Boiler Web.

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