22 Jul

Fred’s Reddit recap

Fred was on Reddit last night doing an IAmA. You can find the whole thing here, and just his answers here. However, we made a recap for you:

About SOTDE:

“You will probably never SEE a Stampede of the Disco Elephants, but you will hear Stampede of the Disco Elephants (#SOTDE), in it’s entirety, the first quarter of 2014.”


About new singles from SOTDE:

“Yes, I would like to release another song from SOTDE very soon and hopefully have at least three out before the actual album is released.”


About Ready To Go’s video:

“The Ready To Go video is a nod to My Generation and Faith videos. WE wanted to make an updated version of the tour diary video style we used in the past. We figured with the first US tour since Wes returned it would have a nostalgic aspect to it, but come to you in full HD. We also slipped in a few other fun surprises as well.”


About ever sounding like 3DBY again:

“Going “back” is not moving forward necessarily. I embrace evolution. If we happen to capture a similar sound or vibe that resembles 3DBY along the way, then I wouldn’t be disappointed.”


About The Unquestionalbe Truth Part 2:

“TUTP2 is on our agenda for sure. We are curious and excited as to what it will actually become.”


About his relationship with Wes:

“Wes and I have become very close over the past few years. We spent most of our time in a dysfunctional and professional relationship at the beginning. We had no relationship outside of the music. Time has given us a true friendship and it has been useful in making LB stronger than ever.”


About Wes’ outfits and makeup ever bothering him:

“No. I have always enjoyed him being much different aesthetically than everyone else int he band. Was a big part of the concept from day one.”


About a 3DBY tour:

“That a false rumor. But we are considering doing specific shows for specific albums playing the album from beginning to end except for the songs that have multiple guest appearances. This sounds fun to me.”


About NIN and The Priest:

“I LOVE NIN and everything Trent Reznor has done musically. As for The Priest, that song is driven by my disgust for child molestation. How could ANYONE molest a child, let alone being a PRIEST!! Very sick people are in powerful positions. It is UNACCEPTABLE.”


About Rollin’s lyrics:

“123 x 2 to the 6th ( 64 ) = (password to my high school locker)”


About Eminem:

“I haven’t heard anything from Eminem since he turned on LB. I don’t speak much about it, but it really hurt my feelings at the time because I thought we were better friends than I suppose we were. I understand why he was upset, mainly with Lethal, but over time I’ve learned there are better ways to deal with things that upset us. I have remained a loyal fan of his and choose to remember the good times we shared. He is definitely one of the very few best rappers of all time.”


About his guest appearance on House:

“When Hugh Laurie asked me to guest on House I was very surprised. He couldn’t have been more kind and supportive. He’s a bro for sure. That day was grueling. I have a new respect for TV after that.”


About a good version of Relax ever being released:

“I wish we had the original session of Relax. I cannot find it anywhere! Bums me out!”


About Christina Aguilera:

“She never gave head to me as far as I recall.”


About Britney Spears:

“Britney who?”


About the name Limp Bizkit:

“The name Limp Bizkit came out in a riff session when deciding what to call the band. I wanted it to have the same roll off of the tongue as Led Zeppelin, but be so odd that you would have a hard time forgetting it. I remember things like Gimp Disco, Split Dickslit, Bitch Piglet, and somehow…Blood Fart. Plus, we never really took our name or purpose very serious considering the chances of succeeding were slim to none at that point.”


About him and Zakk Wylde:

“Big fan of Zack Wylde. We became friends last year and he told me why he always talked shit. Made sense to me, but didn’t really matter because I am honored that he even knows who I am.”


About his beard:

“Fans have seen me without a beard for 17 years. I am sort of perplexed by how much my beard has become a topic of conversation in the LB community. I don’t understand it completely. I use my beard as storage for my face. And why continue to look the way other people expect me to look? I am only motivated by my own instincts.”


About any new films from him:

“As for me directing more feature films, YES, I am working on my third film now and I WISH i could tell you more about it because it is extremely special. I will be able to announce the details very soon.”


About his goals as a filmmaker:

“I actually always aspired to be a film maker before a musician. I followed my heart to make movies and ran into my career as a musician. I am still trying to reach my dreams of making more films.”


About “Evan Jealous”:

“I am hoping to raise money on Kickstarter or something similar to produce a film with Evan Jealous. I want to make it with all unknown people and shoot it in a town where the entire community can be a part of the experience. Just looking for someone to help me spearhead the attack.”


About Counterfeit being about someone:

“Yes. Two guys in particular. I slur their names in the beginning of the song intro.”


About Woodstock ’99:

“The craziest art of the aftermath from Woodstock was how much of spineless twirp Kurt Loder was. I grew up watching him on MTV and felt he had a great sensibility about him. How he reacted and focused on LB felt like an in the moment knee jerk that could’ve been handled differently, on his end. I have nothing personal against him. He help mold and shape my coming of age.”


About doing tattoos:

“I am getting back into giving tattoos. I have had enough time to gain a new perspective on my technique. I want to open a shop soon, but do not know where to put it.”


About his dream tour:

“I have no dream tour, but Limp Bizkit, Steel Panther, and Riff Raff and ladies getting in for free would be a party.”


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