31 Jan

Don’t Remember?

Another video snippet of Fred and Ross Robinson working on vocals has surfaced here. Although only a few seconds, longtime fans may recognize the clip as Don’t Remember/No Control/You know a holy grail of Limp Bizkit demos never released. Speculation has started if this will be a new rehashed song or if fans across the world will now get their studio version on Stampede of the Disco Elephants.

Fred added this vocal update:

“Vocals for the new album are coming along very well. The honesty is key. A higher level. I’m in it. I feel amazing. Just wanted you to know. fd”

One thought on “Don’t Remember?

  1. I talked to fred after the Philadelphia show last Oct and he told me I would be the only person wanting this song on the record and it wasnt going to happen. He was awesome!

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