22 thoughts on “Pain!

  1. the preview of the song sounds okay i guess, DEFINATELY nothin’ special. a little mellow-ey, not heavy like gc was.

  2. I agree with the guy above me. Sounds a little like Hollywood Undead’s latest stuff. More on the pop side. Still can’t wait to get the final sound. Hopefully more heavy stuff to come in the future but good job LB and thanks!

  3. I like what I hear. I enjoy soft LB… but I enjoy it because I know it’s what THEY wanted to make. Genuine Limp Bizkit is always better than FORCED Limp Bizkit… like the Unquestionable Truth Pt 1 was totally forced. I’d rather them be soft and real than hard and phony. I love Limp Bizkit. Cant wait to hear more from Limp Bizkit 2012/2013.

  4. Hey Limp Bizkit,

    I hope you read this website. I hope you read this post. Because you have sold out your fans for Cash Money Records… How does that feel?


  5. If its like another Dub Step Bands kinda like sound……then it will be amounted that LB has sold out for the Cash Money and to CASH ALOT OF MONEY….Stay heavy, Stay Raw…..JUST STAY LIMP BIZKIT…….We know what Linkin Park and Korn have been upto…..JUST BE LB…..Thats It…..!!!



  7. I agree with Mark. The song sounds good. Remains me of some songs off Result May Vary, but with the cash-money touch. However, I still think (and hope) that their willbe heavier songs on the album.

  8. Hahahaha! This shit band couldn’t b more pathetic if they tried!! I love how you stupid fucks still support this crappy band like they’re talented or something lol…they got into the music industry by sucking dick and ripping off George Michael songs. They also came into it at a time when nu metal was just kind of peaking which added to their success….for them to actually be trying still in 2012 is pretty pathetic lol..besides the stupid fucks in european countries and people on this website, everyone else thinks they’re a fucking joke!!! Lol limp bizkit is such a pathetic excuse for a band!!

  9. And all of you assholes on here saying shit like, “limp bizkit is gonna have heavy stuff on the next album”, are retarded. If you think any of their music is “heavy” or in any way metal influenced, you deserve to have a guitar smashed over your head. Wes Borland is just about the shittiest guitar player out there besides maybe lil wayne….he gets praised by idiot fan boys that have no clue how to play guitar lol. I’m not even saying that every guitar player should be super technical and be shredding the shit out of their guitar all day, but we’d Borland is literally just making noise and sounds with effects pedals. A five year old with no musical background could do what he does lol….shittyyyyy band!!!!!

  10. Dear Theobalt,

    You’re a retarded fuck with no life for spending time on a forum talking about a band you don’t even like and insulting other people’ taste.

    I suppose you are even more stupid and talentless then a “five-year old with no musical background”. You are also so incerure that you need to call people that doesn’t agree with you “assholes”.

    Have a nice day. Hope you find a reason for life.. or die.

  11. I’ve been a LB fan since Significant Other but this shit is going down, what the fuck happened with the ORIGINAL LB? The heavy sound & the sick riff from Wes? What a fuck man, like me & the rest of LB fans, WE WANT THE GOOD OLD LIMP BIZKIT BACK (PLEASE)

  12. Why are you on this site which is an LB fansite.? To bash LB and their fans and even people in Europe? Get a life. Jeez.

  13. Seriously guys don’t worry…
    For myself actually like the song and I know there will be old school LB songs on new album…
    Don’t worry guys- keep calm and love LB!

  14. I don’t know bout you guys,been a fan for so long now,I will always support them on whatever they do,the song is pretty good for me though,I mean of course its not heavy like Three Dollar Bill or any of their older album,maybe they wanna try something new,it’s never wrong to be something new,also this shows that they can diverse into different genres too.. :)

  15. I like it. Fred’s flow is actually GOOD and makes sense, instead of saying bewildering, confusing things (“The hipsters that don’t hip anymore!” …. Uhhh WHAT?!).

    Yes. It sounds a bit poppy and radio friendly, but Cash Money is trying to get LB back into as many peoples ear drums as possible, and releasing this song as the first single is the way to do it. Once that happens, The heavier, classic (but hopefully with a new spin) stuff will come. There will be stuff for EVERYONE on these next two albums. Heavy shit that we all like, and then stuff like this which is a different sound than we are used to.

    You are always afraid of things you don’t understand. No one understand this and so everyone feels like talking shit.

    LB ALWAYS does what they WANT to do, and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

    If you LIKE IT, then great, be a fan. If you DON’T then go listen to something else! Plain and simple!

  16. and what is it you do theobald??i agree wid nico crawl under a rock freak.this song is pretty shite tho but aslong as this song dont represent the album then alls good.

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