6 Jul

Wes Borland Talks DJ Lethal Situation

Wes Borland via his Twitter shed some light about ousted member DJ Lethal. Talking to a fan:

“Sorry. No. Not going to happen. Thanks for your support, but that’s a wrap. We started without him and we’ll end without him.”

When asked if they would give Lethal a second chance:

“We’ve given Lee 1000 chances. Stop. Just stop. You don’t have a clue about anything. Please just stop. Because I am right now.”

However, Wes did leave the door open for the popular DJ:

“Lee coming back is completely up to him, not us. And so far, it seems like he doesn’t care to come back.”

5 thoughts on “Wes Borland Talks DJ Lethal Situation

  1. Ok armpit time to update the main page..fucking god damn COME ON same fu king things linger on this site nowadays …the fuck is this site for when all u do is post to twitter. Fuck.

  2. Ey man, im totally with u.

    I for one, am a very big lb fan ever since 05 when i discovered em. i don’t use or even have facebook or twitter account for my own personal reasons. had/have myspace profile but all connecting with lb and stuff seems to be in twitter or facebook nowadays which is such a shame.

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