21 Apr

Fred Durst to collaborate with Insane Clown Posse


Fred Durst will collaborate with Insane Clown Posse on their new album The Mighty Death Pop. He will be a guest star in one of the three bonus albums that will come out with the standard LP. The bonus album on which Durst will appear is called “Covered, Smothered and Chunked” and the song he will appear on is a cover of AMG‘s “Bitch Better Have my Money“.

You will be able to listen to the new song as soon as ICP’s album comes out on August 14th.


Thanks: Pedro

9 thoughts on “Fred Durst to collaborate with Insane Clown Posse

  1. seriously icp is pathetic why would anyone want to be in their company let alone be on their album. anyone know whats goin on with lethal i know john is back.


  2. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’m done with this band. The reputation and legacy of Limp Bizkit is so f***ed up beyond salvation, that it’s unbelievable. At first they announced a duet with Lil’ Wayne. I thought, okay, could be worse. Then they announced signing to Cash Money Records. That’s when I had to throw away all my Limp Bizkit T-shirts, because there’s no way I could ever wear them without being laughed at. And now duet with Insane Clown Pussies? That’s the final nail in the coffin of this band. I can’t take it. I’m done. I’m out.

  3. @Tom – I hear ya dude. I mean I really loved Gold Cobra, I really did. I dont think LB is washed up at all, but when Fred does stuff like this, it’s a real wake up call how irrelevant they’ve become. I mean honestly if I hadnt followed LB all these years and wasnt a die hard and I heard about Fred Durst working with ICP, I woulda said it’s cuz he’s washed up.

  4. @Derek – Exactly! All those years during their haitus we were praudly waving the Limp Bizkit flag on, but it seems that since Gold Cobra, Fred is doing everything in his power to make us fans look like complete idiots for liking Limp Bizkit in the first place. I swear to God, during their haitus it was easier to be a fan than now.

  5. The new thousand foot krutch cd was amazing, I think I am just going to follow those guys and dead celebrity status. bizkit is pretty much dead after this announcement.

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