2 Apr


The Armpit is reaching out to the Limp Bizkit community for a Twitter even this Thursday, April 5th.

If you’ve been following the news on our site for the last couple of weeks, you already know what’s been going on and why now would be a good time to forget all the discussions about which side you’re on, and focus on the common good – That everyone in Limp Bizkit can focus on whatever complications they’re dealing with internally in their own way, and that we, the fan base, merely let them know that we have nothing but love and respect for all of them and that we support them in their time of need.

The key is to due this respectfully – That is, to have the LB community show their support in droves on Twitter without announcing to the world WHY we’re doing so. If you’re a part of this community, you already know why we’re doing this, so please join us on Thursday, April 5th, with the Twitter hashtag:


Don’t forget to add the band members to your posts so they know what’s going on.

Start as early as possible, and continue posting until end of the day, United States – Pacific Time (which means for you fans overseas, you can post well into Friday, your time). Drop whatever you’re doing this day, and show you support your favorite band!

by Mike Zupan (mzupeman)

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