1 Apr

Limp Bizkit’s statement about the situation

I can honestly say that the spirit of Limp Bizkit is stronger than ever. Not only is the new music being made exciting and polarizing, our focus and determination is at an all time high. I feel that we have barely scratched the surface of reaching our full potential. At the same time, unfortunately, an ongoing internal struggle has become more than an obstacle in our band and more destructive than we can handle, anymore. We have nothing bad, at all, to say about John and Lethal. They are both incredible people, but they are deeply troubled in ways that affect the rest of us in the band in extremely negative ways. It truly saddens us all that it has come to this. Obviously, we’ve been though a lot together over the years and watching them struggle with their addictions and problems has been difficult, to say the least. Granted we all have our problems, but watching them destroy their lives and abuse others has not only become a liability, but a threat we cannot enable any longer. I have finally come to understand that their destructive actions and abusive words stem from issues and problems beyond their control. None of us are perfect by any means, but we feel they really need help apart from Limp Bizkit.

I sincerely hope they both get the help and treatment that they need to be well and happy again. I wish them nothing but the best and will always be supportive and open to new beginnings, MOST IMPORTANTLY their return to Limp Bizkit. We hope they look back at this moment and realize, once and for all, that all of us are their biggest fans and we are here to support their recovery, no matter what. All we can hope and ask for from fans and outsiders is to be understanding and unconditionally supportive during such a trying time because this is sensitive for us all. Sincerely.

Source: Facebook

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