20 Mar

Is DJ Lethal leaving Limp Bizkit? [updated again]


LATEST UPDATE: Time to add some fuel to the fire. DJ Lethal may NOT go to Nova Rock Festival with Limp Bizkit. Check this tweet:



OLD UPDATE: Apparently he is not quitting the band, as confirmed by this tweet:

So he wouldn’t quit the band, but the ‘pushed out’ part of the tweet is still open to interpretation. Again, make of it what you will. Here’s the original post, before this update:


We don’t like starting rumors here at The Armpit, even though our users have done so many times in the past. But a couple of ‘sad’ tweets from Lethal seem to hint to the fact that something has happened again between the members of the band, and the immediate guess is his upcoming departure.

Here are the tweets in question:

Feel free to interpret these tweets any way you see fit. Again, we don’t want to give birth to rumors, especially about something like this, but being more interested in La Coka Nostra, saying a friend of 15 years betrayed him, posting photos of ‘The End’ and ‘Change Ahead…” That does not look good.

Let’s hope things get fixed… In the meantime, feel free to join the discussion on our forum about this.

Thanks: Freddy D Fan

9 thoughts on “Is DJ Lethal leaving Limp Bizkit? [updated again]

  1. u sure? did u see theres LB and LCN tour at the same time this summer in Europe? something bad is going on.

  2. for the love of god its all BS if you cant read past your face then go die fag. alex is a moron for posting this crap.

  3. well, i dont think so, look at the dates of LCN and LB tour. Im’a huge fan of LB, maybe im stupid or sth like that but im really scared about this situation.

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