7 Mar

Fred Durst talks for billboard.com


Just a day or two upon his arrival from the Soundwave festival tour in Australia, Fred has conceded an interview for Billboard.com on which he has revealed many pieces of information regarding the future of the band. Here are some of the most intersting snippets from that interview:

“Ready to Go” will likely be free Internet distribution.

The heaviest, most crazy metal record of all time, “The Unquestionable Truth, Part 2″ will probably be an EP.

Limp Bizkit parted on good terms with Interscope

Read the complete interview (a must read for every fan) here

2 thoughts on “Fred Durst talks for billboard.com

  1. I hope TUT part 2 doesnt end up being an EP but an full length album, specially after they announce that it’ll be the heaviest yet.

    PS I like Fred’s Deftones shirt on the picture.

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