22 Feb

Fred Durst to be featured on Hard Target’s new album


Fred Durst has been lately on The Hit Factory studios on Miami collaborating for Hard Target’s new album. In the first “studio session” video that Hard Target has released (you can watch it below), Fred can be seen rapping and doing some producing tasks alongside other rappers. Busta Rhymes is also in the same studio with them and is expected to have a collaboration song with Fred as he has hinted so on his twitter account.

All these pieces of info, plus the fact that Fred had a meeting with the label’s executives and then said that a press release announcing big news would be coming soon hint that Limp Bizkit might have signed a new record deal with Cash Money Records.

For those who don’t know, Cash Money Records is a rap record label that has on its roster such big names as Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes or Drake.



2 thoughts on “Fred Durst to be featured on Hard Target’s new album

  1. I Think they might actually sign with Cash Money Records, I remember Fred saying he recorded a song with Lil Wayne, but it didn’t made it in Gold Cobra, and Lil Wayne is part of that label. If they do sign I hope they don’t force Limp Bizkit into changing their style of music it being a Hip Hop label.

  2. I’m sorry but no fucking way, this is bullshit.

    Lil’ Wayne and all those fake fucking poser “supposedly” hip-hop (commercialised) artists JUST USE AUTOTUNE FOR EVERYTHING, this will be the death of Limp Bizkit for its founding fans – although, they will probably break back into the charts, I’m sorry but this is jokes.

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