7 thoughts on “TUT Part 2, POOP DVD and new album for the masses in 2012

  1. TUT2? not impressed with tut1 how can anyone be excited for tut2? release the rest of the gc tracks now thats exciting.

  2. Good news but not great for fans, we want a US tour!!!! My suggestion is a Family Values 2012,

    Suggested Lineup:
    Main stage
    Korn(1 hr 15 min)
    Limp Bizkit(1 hr 15 min)
    Cypress Hill(45 min)
    Sevendust(40 min)
    Asking Alexandria(35 min)

    2nd Stage:
    Coal Chamber *Reunited and announced touring US in June/July(50 min)
    La Coka Nostra(40 min)
    2 bands that earn their way on with 30 min sets

    Just a suggestion or bring back Ozzfest and include LB as co-headliner

  3. Ok the part says “Limp Bizkit will start releasing new material as soon as the deals are signed and sealed in January” We are at the end of January, 30th to be specific, where are the deals with the new recording label?

  4. You only forgot one band that goes hand in hand for that period of time and that’s deftones.

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