30 Nov

Huge News in December

Fred recently broke the temporary silence in the Limp Bizkit camp and took to Twitter to tease a huge announcement.

Huge Limp Bizkit news coming in December. Very exciting. Be patient and get ready. Bring it!!

New label? New album? Big US tour? Speculation has started in our Forum come join us.

11 thoughts on “Huge News in December

  1. there wont be a new label as both fred and wes have said that they’ve gone independent and we will get their music directly from them.
    a US tour is out of the question because Fred says that hes waitin’ for a hit song.So it can be about the new album or the autotunage video release date……or somthin’ else.But it better be good.

  2. I hope the new album with the outtakes of Gold Cobra or, much better, a record with unreleased songs from 3 dollar bill to RMV!

  3. There won’t be any news in December. Limp Bizkit is over. Soundwave 2012 will be the last show they ever play. After that, Fred will work on his Douchebag sitcom, Wes will go back to Black Light Burns, Lethal will go back to La Coka Nostra, Sam will go back to working at Chick-fil-A, and John will go back to being a drunk.

  4. Fred did say be patient guys….That right there told me don’t hold my breath for December. We know how these things go by now, not to mention the busy time of year. Fred was just snowboarding with his son yesterday…the time for news will come in the new year. Sit back, relax, and lets enjoy the ride together.

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