29 Nov

Limp Bizkit and Interscope Records part ways


Last November 22nd, Fred Durst was the guest star in Poolside with Dean Delray and there he confirmed that Limp Bizkit had parted ways with the label they have released all their records with. Through its subsidiaries Flip, Geffen and Suretone Records, Limp Bizkit has managed to stick to the label that holds such big artists as Lady Gaga or Beyoncé. Fred Durst was even part of the executive board for some time serving as Vicepresident of Interscope Records, and Jordan Schur, their manager, is the former CEO of Interscope and Geffen, and he currenty runs his founded label in a joint venture with Interscope: Suretone Records. Casually, that was the last label Limp Bizkit had signed a deal with.

Now, according to Fred, the band has gone independent and are waiting until they can naturally write a hit song that would make people in the USA attend to their concerts again.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

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