21 Oct

Corey Taylor to Courtney Love: “Shut up and play”


If, just a couple months ago, Corey Taylor was dissing Fred Durst stating that he would never make a record with him –not even if God was mixing, he said–, now he is taking Limp Bizkit’s side on their feud with Hole’s frontwoman Courtney Love. When Slipknot and Stone Sour’s frontman knew about Hole refusing to play at Soundwave Festival, he had this to say:

It’s like Courtney you haven’t released a big album in how long? Get over yourself and stop wading around in your own drama. You’ve got to take steps to get back to where you want to be, you don’t just come right back in and you’re on top. That’s a gutless way of looking at things and it’s unfair to Limp Bizkit. Shut up and play.

Fortunately for all the Austrailans, Courtney Love will not have the chance to shut up and play as Soundwave has announced the band that will replace Hole at their festival, and it is none other than Staind, long time friends with Limp Bizkit. Now a collaboration between Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst for Outside is not out of the question, since they have performed together that song several times in the past.

Source: Fasterlouder.com.au

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