17 Oct

Courtney Love cancels Australian gig because of Limp Bizkit

Even though Fred has a tattoo of her ex-husband, Courtney Love has no love for him. In fact, he hates him and his band, so much so that she canceled Hole’s appearance at Soundwave in Australia because she’s lower on the list than Limp Bizkit.

“Love said on Twitter to Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah: ‘what bloody flight of crazed fancy made you think we’d open for limp dude ? no offence, thatsnuts.'”


Seems like once in a while, some band will get angry at LB’s high position on the lineup and ‘cancel.’ When will these musicians realize that 1) position on the lineup is not about quality, but about popularity and 2) your fans might want to see you live, put your personal bullshit aside and deliver a great show to them.

But this is Courtney Love we’re talking about, so why am I wasting my time?

The replacement for Hole (ironic, eh, Hole left a hole in the lineup, eh?) will be announced shortly. Meanwhile let’s see if Marilyn Manson or Machine Head have anything to say about this.

Thanks: lbmikesmith

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