13 Oct

Two singles coming our way?


Approximately, one month ago Fred asked fans about which one should be the next single: ‘Loser’ or ‘Autotunage’. We knew from the past few weeks that ‘Autotunage’ was finally going to be the second video single for Gold Cobra, since Fred and Moose (a close friend of Fred) were showing pictures and videos of the set and the editing process but, then, against all predictions, Universal Music released a press note on their German website stating that the new single is indeed ‘Loser’ and it is being released as soon as this Friday… Tomorrow!

A curious fan has asked Fred on twitter what is going on about that, and Fred’s responded that “there’s a lot of videos coming our way”.

@freddurst Mr. Durst :-)…. new video is for “Loser” or “Autotunage”? because right now nobody knows anything :) Hell Yeahh!!

Fred Durst
@MstR02 lots of videos coming your way. Just one would be a shame.

It seems pretty safe to say that both will be released as singles, but lots of questions are on the air at the moment: Will both singles be released at the same time? Will one of them be for Europe and the other for USA? When has the video for ‘Loser’ been shot? We’ll know all the answers pretty soon. Stay tuned!

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