21 Aug

Yelawolf mentions Limp Bizkit


On one of his new songs, Hard White, the rapper Yelawolf has mentioned Limp Bizkit with the next line:


They probably think I’m with Limp Bizkit, who spit’s jelley.

Not sure what he meant with that line. It’s up to you to interpret it. You can listen to the song on YouTube¬†and discuss about it on our forums.

Yela Wolf is a new rapper signed to Shady Records, Eminem’s record label. His song Hard White features Lil’ Wayne and is the first single for his new album: Radioactive.

3 thoughts on “Yelawolf mentions Limp Bizkit

  1. The line is “They probably think I’m a limp bizkit, who spits jelly.”

    I take that as people think he is just some white boy who thinks he can rap, but really can’t, ie, Fred Durst.

    I don’t agree. I think Fred can rap… when he TRIES hard. Other times I feel he is just having a good time with his flow and isn’t taking it all that seriously.

    Yelawolf is sick though. He got skills.

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