One thought on “Jackson Live Presents Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland

  1. I asked each of my three doctors (primary care, pscyohlogist, psychiatrist) once on their feelings about the health care system. I felt what I got back was pretty interesting.All three of them love Medicare. Medicare pays well and doesn’t jerk them around too much. MedicAID, on the other hand… doesn’t. I’m not shocked that doctors would refuse to accept it. I read one story where a doc lost money out of pocket on every tonsillectomy he did for Medicaid patients. If you pay less than the procedure is worth, why would any sane doctor accept your “insurance”?Medicaid should probably die and be replaced with a public option that involves co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. The more truly poor you are, the less these amounts will be, but NEVER let them be zero unless you want people calling ambulances at 3am to go to the ER for a pregnancy test.True story. Taxpayers paid cost for transport and ER time. The “patient” paid nothing. When something is free to use, there’s no disincentive. Medicaid needs to stop being free to use. Then the program might have more money and doctors might start accepting it again.

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