13 Jul

Rock & Pop radio from Paraguay: Fred Durst interview

This morning Fred was interviewed by the Rock & Pop radio station from Paraguay. This is Limp Bizkit’s first south american interview for the Gold Cobra World Tour. As far i’ve been informed today, he was also interviewed by a few major brazilian press vehicles as well.

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If you ask me about this picture i’ll tell ya! This is the ridiculously hot paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme, who once said “If Paraguay wins the Word Cup, I’ll pose naked right there on the field”. Too bad she supports Paraguay, because you know when it comes to football my country knows it all. We’re like Limp Bizkit, we’re BETTER THAN EVERYONE. Brazil!

Thanks to: The Boiler

One thought on “Rock & Pop radio from Paraguay: Fred Durst interview

  1. This is why I love Fred. They were going to let him leave but he asked about the other shout out they wanted. He really is grateful for his fans.

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