12 Jul

Black Light Burns: “I Am Where It Takes Me” video

This is not about Limp Bizkit, but somehow fits the proposal of this website right here perfectly. A fan site.

Today i’m posting about this very special video produced by the graphic designer Daniel Toomes, from Wirral, UK.

The video is dedicated to the song “I Am Where It Takes Me” by Black Light Burns, wich is one of my favorites songs off their debut album.

Toomes posted the video on Youtube about two years ago and I think it didn’t reach the fair ammount of views it deserves. So i’m posting this on TAP to might help it get some recognition or might get Mr. Wes Borland to watch it himself. I’m sure the dude would love to know what Wes has to say about his creation.

“I Am Where It Takes Me” is on the album “Cruel Melody” wich was released in 2007 and has Johnette Napolitano as a guest on the vocals.

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