11 Jul

Guidelines for contacting us

Hi guys. I haven’t been able to check my TAP email for a while, until today. Once I opened it up, I saw over 4,400 new emails. At first I was happy to see so many new emails, but after painstakingly sorting through it, I realized most of them were useless, as some people have contacted us requesting the most bizarre things in the world.

So I thought I’d clear up some things about us and then link to this post right under the contact form, so you people can understand a few things about us.

1) We’re not affiliated with Limp Bizkit, its management, label or its band members. When you contact us, you contact the site’s admins, not the band members themselves.

A lot of emails we get are for Fred. Things like “Hi Fred, my name is blah blah and I do blah blah.” — I got some bad news, Fred doesn’t read our emails. So addressing Fred in our contact form is pointless, don’t waste your time and save your most intimate thoughts for when you actually get to meet the guys. Don’t send them to us.

A lot of other emails are still for Fred, but they want us to forward them to him. Again, we can’t (and won’t) do that, sorry!

2) We do not distribute video or audio files, much less via email. Asking us for leaks and MP3s will get ignored, so don’t bother.

We’re not The Pirate Bay. This is a news site, Limpbizkit.org is a forum. Neither deal with illegal files so please stop asking for this. We simply delete these emails instantly.

3) If you have a band or covered a LB song, you can email us, but don’t expect us to write about you on the site. We usually don’t deal with stuff like that unless it’s really special.

I don’t mind if you’ve recorded a cover or if you want to showcase your band, but sending download links to albums is generally not a good idea, we don’t have the time/patience to download your whole discography. A YouTube link is fine, if the video is good, it may get featured, but don’t hold your breath.

4) If your email doesn’t get a response, it will definitely get ignored if you keep emailing it over and over again!

If you have something important to tell us and get no response, feel free to try again after a while. We may miss it the first time. But if you send the same link to your album four times in a matter of days, expect to be instantly deleted.

5) If you have problems with the forum, include your nickname so we know which account to look for.

I got a couple of emails like “Hi, I can’t log onto the forum. Please help me – Ben” — I don’t know who that is so how can I help him? Make sure you include your username if you need some help, maybe then I can see what’s wrong and sort it out.

6) Please include a decent title/subject on the email.

If your email is important, make sure you summarize it in a few words in the subject line. If it’s “Hi!” or “Question” it will be easy to miss amongst all the crazy ones. So if it’s important, treat it accordingly and give it a worthy title.

7) If you ignore any of the rules above, fine, but just don’t expect an answer.

I don’t mind these emails, you’re not doing me a favor by not sending this stuff to me. I’m trying to do you a favor by letting you know, in advance, what not to email us with. If you want to do that anyway, fine, it doesn’t take me much to delete a dumb email. But I think there are other things you could do with your time than to waste it sending me emails that I will not even read.

I do encourage you to contact us if you’ve got real questions, comments or news, so please do that. This is a post aimed at just a handful of people who keep insisting with things we can’t do anything about.


Thanks for reading.

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