6 Jul

Setlist + Videos: Limp Bizkit @ Vienna, Austria 05.07.2011

1. Introbra + 3DBY Intro
2. Pollution (Watch)
3. Hot Dog (Watch)
4. Gold Cobra (Watch)
5. Why Try
6. Douche Bag
7. My Generation (Watch)
8. Livin’ It Up (Watch)
9. My Way (Watch)
10. Mountain Song (Watch)
11. Break Stuff (Watch)
12. Boiler (Watch)
13. Behind Blue Eyes (Watch)
14. Almost Over (Watch)
15. Take a Look Around (Watch)
16. N2gether Now feat. Dope D.O.D.
17. Faith (Watch)
18. Full Nelson feat. Psyko Dalek
19. Rollin (Watch)

Thanks to: morgoth and jatekpartizan

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