28 Jun

Venom seen flying off the shelves this morning

The hype really began at the end of last week, as certain regions across the globe were fortunate to get their first taste of venom from the Cobra on Friday… but today marks the day that Gold Cobra is officially released in the United States!  So, unless you live in Japan or any other region that tends to get their releases later than the rest of us for whatever reason, you should have no problem getting your hands on a legitimate copy of Limp Bizkit’s latest, and potentially greatest album, Gold Cobra!  Don’t forget, you can pick up the standard edition pretty much anywhere, which comes with 13 hard-hitting tracks.  Not enough for you?  Then help yourself to the deluxe edition which comes with a hefty 16, or, if there’s a Best Buy near you (or would like to order off their website), you can pick up their exclusive 17 track edition of Gold Cobra for only $12.99.  Oh, and as far as the concerns some of us may have had in regards to the album’s promotion here, I think it’s time to start worrying a little less – I was at my local Best Buy the minute they opened their doors this morning, and while I was grabbing my deluxe edition, four other people were helping themselves to the Cobra’s venom as well!  And that was just in the store’s opening minute!  If you didn’t pre-order Gold Cobra, you better get your Bizkit-supporting asses to the store and pick it up now!

Got your copy of the album now?  Yeah?  Good.  Now, if you can pry yourself away from your headphones or car stereo system long enough this week, keep checking TheArmpit.net for our ‘official’ album review by yours truly, as well as another passionate forum member that’s dying to let the world know how he feels about Bizkit’s comeback album (don’t you dare call it a reunion)!

6 thoughts on “Venom seen flying off the shelves this morning

  1. guy at best buy checkout counter says u got the last deluxe one. we have restocked the shelf twice already. they were only open for an hour at this point.

  2. as someone who has been a limp bizkit fan since 6th grade. I am now 26 years old married with a child. I can say. Fuck you Fred Durst.

    I run a Locally Owned record store. We have not sold 1 copy of limp bizkit’s new album. Instead everyone is asking for the deluxe edition and we have to turn them to best buy.

    Fuck you. How much did best buy pay you?

  3. Uhmmm…get the deluxe version then? The “normal” deluxe.

    btw, good to see that even local stores are being hounded for it.

    Seems no one knows Limp still, but guess some do

  4. Well, really… there’s a 13 track standard, and a 16 track ‘regular’ deluxe. The Best Buy deluxe only has a leg up over the competition because it includes an exclusive 17th track in the States. It just sounds like you need to know how to manage your business better, and get to know the products you’re going to be selling, or should be selling.

  5. There is no normal deluxe. its only the 13 track edited or unedited. Best buy has distribution rights. We can order an import deluxe but it would cost 24.99. You guys really think i didnt even try to look? It sounds like i need to know how to manage my business better? Fuck you.

  6. Don’t be so aggressive. No one knew that.

    According to release info, all we got was that:

    1 – Standard edition = 13 tracks
    2 – Deluxe edition = 16 tracks
    3 – Best Buy Deluxe edition = 17 tracks (Includes Middle Finger)
    4 – Japanese Deluxe edition = 17 tracks (includes Combat Jazz)
    5 – iTunes Germany Deluxe edition = 17 tracks (includes Los Angeles)

    According to our info, there were 5 different versions of the album. 3 of them were exclusive offers to certain places. We all thought the first two options were available for everyone else.

    You should have gone on the boards and spoken about this. Its interesting to know.

    I guess now I understand why amazon.com has an “import” for the deluxe at a very hefty price tag, instead of actually having the deluxe.

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