27 Jun


What is Bizkitlive you ask? Bizkitlive is a brand new website containing a large database of live information about Limp Bizkit. All known LB concert dates and setlists are listed on the site, as well as any special show information of events that might’ve happened at specific shows, like song debuts or guests coming out with the band. Also, any known recordings of shows are in the database, with full information on the quality, who recorded it, samples and more. In the near future, Bizkitlive will feature downloads of specific shows in both audio and video (DVD) formats for fans.

Modeled after LPLive.net (http://www.lplive.net), a Linkin Park live website with 50,000+ visitors a month, Bizkitlive is sure to become a staple in the Limp Bizkit community. A forum is coming soon so a community will be able to be built around the site as well and participate in discussions about each show. Check out the website (www.bizkitlive.co.cc) and follow it on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bizkitlivecocc/190402984341707) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/bizkitlive) for live updates on each concert the band plays from here on out! Created by a hardcore Limp Bizkit fan (so the hard work and dedication show off in the quality), this site is one to be bookmarked in your browser if you enjoy concerts by your favorite band! The band is touring in Europe right now, so don’t miss out!

3 thoughts on “Bizkitlive

  1. Hello darkcloud,
    once the forums are up, i will start sharing a couple recordings. The listing of sources is just for people who want to know if there are recordings of that show available.

    I hope this answers it precisely :)

  2. DAMN You lack of wrap around Uproxx coenmmt box!@wadatah I remember listening to Chocolate Starfish and too juvenile is a far more articulate criticism than my subsequent eight state murder spree looking for Durst.

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