7 thoughts on “Gold Cobra video

  1. All you need to make a video these days is to shoot a band in 2.5 locations and put a lot of same titties and ass in between. Don’t forget some banging moves and other “hilarious” moments. Meh, i had expected something more mature. Or some kind of story. Anyways, at least they’re doing something. And that white outfit of Wes is dope.

  2. Dummest of all videos :( the song is sooooo dope, but the video…nahhhhh…crap…..dummer than every hip hop video is watched in the last 15 years.

  3. I actually love the video, especially Wes in the beginning cracked me up. He is one hella hilarious dude. That aside, the video is good. What someone said earlier, there are alot of titties and asses in the videos these days. Perhaps it is just a parody on it? I believe this video is very well done, great LB feeling to it! Shame I will never see it here on TV in Holland though, but I am glad I can watch it here!

  4. nobody said that this video has a serious meaning.As Fred said this like any other video they have made is a parody of hip-hip videos…so shut the fuck up!

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