21 Jun

Did you get the leak?

The album leaked, it’s no secret. Did you get it? And if so, what did you think of it? Be honest…


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If you did listen to it, vote here also:

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P.S. = Getting the leak implies having listened to it. If you somehow got it but didn’t listen, then you should vote ‘No.’ Just clearing it up :P

4 thoughts on “Did you get the leak?

  1. Not good, not good at all. Sound like a rehash of late 90s/early 00s limp bizkit. I had the hope it would be more mature, or at least be more like 3DBYA. No such luck, got another hip hop crappy album with distorted guitars.

  2. Last week i ordered my deluxe edition of GC. This week i heared the leak (im not prod of it but i did and it ruined the suprise:-) ) and i must say its great, not AS good as “Chocolate Starfish and Hot-Dog flavoured water” but its a awsome work. i simply thought when i heart it that the albums tracklisting didn`t fit together as they did in CSAHFW but i dont see the tracks itself as bad tracks. Im still looking forward to my Deluxe and i hope the second album which comes in future will fit together. till then iam listening to the tracks of GC

  3. @Julian, exactly man. It sounds kinda like CSATHDFW. Which is a TERRIBLE album.

    @Angelo, have you tried torrent sites? Such as TPB?

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