16 Jun

“Gold Cobra” on Major League Soccer

The instrumental version of the new single “Gold Cobra” has been used on an official Major Leaugue Soccer video.

Amazing goals and comebacks from Week 13 played to Limp Bizkit’s “Gold Cobra” (Instrumental). New album “Gold Cobra” in stores June 28th.


Limp Bizkit and football (not soccer), two things i love the most.

7 thoughts on ““Gold Cobra” on Major League Soccer

  1. You say Limp Bizkit and Football (not soccer)…meaning you’re not talking about soccer, yet that is all I see in the video.

    Real football and Limp is so much better, since it would be this heavy music with some hard pounding hits.

  2. The Real football is what you see in the video. Whole world called it football before there was an american “machoball” based on rugby. Real football is played with foot ;-)

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