10 Jun

UPDATED: “Los Angeles”: The missing track?


UPDATE: Apparently, “Los Angeles” is the iTunes exclusive track, at least for Europe. It will be in both regular and deluxe versions of the album.

Do you remember when Fred posted on his twitter that the Gold Cobra tracklist, which was out, had one track missing? Look’s like it’s has been revealed. According to iTunes in Germany “Los Angeles” made the cut. The song features on both standard and deluxe versions. You can check the demo version of it below:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]http://soundcloud.com/thearmpit/sample-4/[/soundcloud]

Stay tuned for the new official site, which will launch today. Developed by Max Avedisian and Barry Flood. Looking forward to it. I really hope we get to listen some new music on this new website.

Thanks to: spy

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